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Essay questions general pathology - Exam questions | 1st Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research

General pathology exam questions - 1st Semester Systematic pathology exam questions - 2nd Semester; NECROSIS, APOPTOSIS A/ Causes, morphology and mechanism of cell necrosis A/ Reperfusion injury A/ Mechanisms of apoptosis and its pathological characteristics A/ Coagulative necrosis and its organ manifestation A/

Must Know Exam Topics in Pathology for MBBS Students

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Genetic Disorders Disease of Immune system Lysosomal storage disorders, Turners syndrome, Klienfilters syndrome, Down syndrome and genomic imprinting are important short notes. Asthma and its diagrams can make your life not lesser than worse.

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So here I enumerate those topics from which I used to get questions for the exams in my college.